Pioneer in introducing Prepaid Metering System

Ideal excels unparallel in Prepaid Metering/Smart Prepayment Metering sector  . IDEAL is the pioneer in introducing Prepaid Metering System in Bangladesh. Since then, works on prepaid metering has elevated progressively which grew trust on our clients.

Govt. had a vision to replace existing all traditional meters of the Country by Pre-payment/ Smart Prepayment meters and with this end in view Govt. has launched a good number of projects under BPDB, BREB, DPDC, DESCO and WZPDCL.


Current Project

Currently Ideal works on WZPDCL 1.05 Lac meters

Support services with BPDB, DPDC

We have experienced with meter related projects

we can finish the project on timeframe

Experince engineer handle the project